Free Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheets


Yours Free… Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheets

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Grab your free cheat sheets and video tutorial here:

Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheets


  1. Wonderful site i must confess.
    The content are simply amazing

  2. http://Haoting%20Chow says

    Hi there, can I know what programs do you guys use to create the cheat sheets?

    • http://Traffic%20Voodoo%20Team says

      The guys hand drew the diagrams, scanned it into the computer and then used adobe acrobat to turn it into a pdf.

      The presenation was power point and then turned into a pdf.

    • http://Haoting%20Chow says

      Nice. Thank you, Jeff! Good luck on the coming launch!

  3. http://Haoting%20Chow says

    Hey Jeff, not too sure what happened but the rest of the membership site does not allow comments. I just want to ask if the slide up list building software works with Jeff Walker’s ProFollow?

    Thank you for your time and efforts! I really appreciates it!

    • http://Jeff%20Johnson says

      Thanks, we just updated the membership site software and I’ll let the guys know about the commment issue.

      I really don’t know the anwer since we don’t use Jeff’s profollow. You’d have to ask them.

  4. Hey, I am so lost. I have been getting emails everyday to join Traffic Vodoo but I dont know how or what it is. Is it a seminar or a webinar or a home study program? Help me out guys.

    • http://Jeff%20Johnson says

      the video explained everything, but it is no longer open to new students… it is a private membership site and coaching club.

  5. http://Lou%20Smith says

    I paid a LOT of money for Traffic Voodoo so why can’t I access things like the Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheets (while signed in to Traffic Voodoo) without signing up for yet another email list?

  6. Trafficvoodoo is awesome

  7. http://Randal%20Blanchette says

    I don’t get it. Why put an opt-in page in a paid product site? I would have figured that a direct link to the download page would be nicer because we paid already…just saying that this is wasting our time going through that process, not being a whiny B-word.

    • http://Brady says

      That page is unlocked and not part of the protected member’s content.

      Try logging out and accessing it. You will still be able to.

  8. http://brian%20bijdeveldt says


    I am attempting to access the Traffic Launcher Cheat Sheets etc.

    I have submitted my email address and received the link in the confirmation
    email. When I click on the link I am taken to the Traffic Voodoo website and
    more links – no matter what I click I am just returned to the same page – an endless loop.

    Hope you can help.

  9. Thanks for the cheat sheets, came in handy.

  10. http://mike says