Free Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheets


Yours Free… Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheets

“The Exact Same Traffic-Getting Formula I Used To Earn $210,380.00 In Commissions And Prizes In 9 Hours Using Nothing But Free Traffic…

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Grab your free cheat sheets and video tutorial here:

Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheets


  1. Wonderful site i must confess.
    The content are simply amazing

  2. Haoting Chow says

    Hi there, can I know what programs do you guys use to create the cheat sheets?

    • Traffic Voodoo Team says

      The guys hand drew the diagrams, scanned it into the computer and then used adobe acrobat to turn it into a pdf.

      The presenation was power point and then turned into a pdf.

    • Haoting Chow says

      Nice. Thank you, Jeff! Good luck on the coming launch!

  3. Haoting Chow says

    Hey Jeff, not too sure what happened but the rest of the membership site does not allow comments. I just want to ask if the slide up list building software works with Jeff Walker’s ProFollow?

    Thank you for your time and efforts! I really appreciates it!

    • Jeff Johnson says

      Thanks, we just updated the membership site software and I’ll let the guys know about the commment issue.

      I really don’t know the anwer since we don’t use Jeff’s profollow. You’d have to ask them.

  4. Hey, I am so lost. I have been getting emails everyday to join Traffic Vodoo but I dont know how or what it is. Is it a seminar or a webinar or a home study program? Help me out guys.

    • Jeff Johnson says

      the video explained everything, but it is no longer open to new students… it is a private membership site and coaching club.

  5. I paid a LOT of money for Traffic Voodoo so why can’t I access things like the Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheets (while signed in to Traffic Voodoo) without signing up for yet another email list?

  6. Trafficvoodoo is awesome

  7. Randal Blanchette says

    I don’t get it. Why put an opt-in page in a paid product site? I would have figured that a direct link to the download page would be nicer because we paid already…just saying that this is wasting our time going through that process, not being a whiny B-word.

    • That page is unlocked and not part of the protected member’s content.

      Try logging out and accessing it. You will still be able to.

  8. brian bijdeveldt says


    I am attempting to access the Traffic Launcher Cheat Sheets etc.

    I have submitted my email address and received the link in the confirmation
    email. When I click on the link I am taken to the Traffic Voodoo website and
    more links – no matter what I click I am just returned to the same page – an endless loop.

    Hope you can help.

  9. Thanks for the cheat sheets, came in handy.

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