Free Instant Affiliate Traffic Video Tutorial

Free “Instant Affiliate Traffic” video tutorial is all about…

“How To Quickly And Easily Tap Into One Of The Greatest Sources Of Free Traffic In The Entire World!”

Watch the free “Instant Affiliate Traffic” video tutorial:

Instant Affiliate Traffic


  1. Great work as always Jeff. Looking forward to getting in on the second wave of Voodoo.

  2. Great work as always Jeff. Looking forward to getting in on the second wave of Voodoo.

  3. Your links are on my wordpress theme and won’t come off. How do I remove?

    • Log in to your admin dashboard. Choose “Links” from the left hand side of the dashboard. Delete the link you don’t want on your blog.

  4. Bruce Stewart says

    Two Questions, please.
    1) Where can I find the video about setting up our shopping cart/online store?

    2) How do I go about making a hyperlink active in your eBook PDF?
    Thank you.

    • Bruce,

      1. I believe that you are referring to our Amazon Quick Start videos. These videos can be found in the training under Affiliate Marketing -> Affiliate Sales

      2. I’m not sure which link you are referring to. You could always copy and paste it into your browser though.

  5. Hey Jeff,

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all you do fro everyone, in empowering others. You continue to be an inspiration to all =)\


  6. Nathaniel Falconer says

    I just followed the “Instant Affiliate Traffic” and it brought me to an opt-in page. After I opted-in, it brought up a 404 error.

  7. Bruce Stewart says


    Hope you’re having a great holiday.

    I just went in to watch the Instant Affiliate Traffic video and got a static page whose video doesn’t seem to run. It is at this spot –

    Would you please investigate and please send me a working link.


    • Hey Bruce,

      You will have to sign up on the form to the right, and you will receive a link from Jeff that will direct you to the new video. Enjoy.