Traffic Getting SEO Plugin Version 2.1.1 Beta Up For Grabs!

We just released Traffic Getting SEO Plugin version 2.1.1 beta a couple of days ago.

This update fixes errors reported by some users with WordPress 3.0 incompatibility. If you are having trouble installing TGSP on your WordPress 3.0 blog, we recommend installing this update.

When 2.1.1 is officially released, you will be notified as usual in your WordPress Admin Panel.

To download, visit the Traffic Getting SEO page in our Traffic Quick Start module.


  1. Mark Kizhnerman says

    Are you guys aware that the Cross-linker plug-in you recommend is an absolute disaster? It has a MAJOR bug which queries the database every couple of minutes. The problem is that the table its looking for does not exist, so the system write an entry to the error.log file.

    Last week I looked at my SEO Hosting accounts and was trying to figure out why I was running low on space. It turns out I had error.log files of 100MB+ for EACH site that this plugin was installed on! Once I tracked the source of the errors down and deleted all the log (and this horrible plugin) I freed up over 2GB of hard drive space (I had it installed on over 30 sites), not to mention that all my sites run much faster now.

    You should update your plugin to not include Cross-linker plug-in.

    • Mark,

      Thanks for letting us know about this. We will take this into account when we produce our next update.