1. Brian Munroe says:

    do we set up the three blogs on different hosting accounts, or can we use subdomains?

    • 3 Separate hosting accounts. Ideally, 3 different hosting companies as well to avoid being put on the same server.

  2. Billye Thompson says:

    I’m going to put an “Articles” link on the sidebar my blog for the articles that I upload to the blog so if someone clicks on the title it will take them to the article page. Will the search engines recognize that these pages are added if I don’t necessarily add them as posts?

  3. Steven Chabotte says:

    I have a question on bolding keyword phrases in the posts.

    From a human visual glance at an article, it looks strange seeing phrases bolded in the article. It is something that is rarely seen in print.

    I understand the reason for the bolding is to tell google that this phrase is a bit more important than the other words in the post so my concern is that google will at some point decide that this random bolding is a form of spam.

    If you look at pretty much any nonfiction book, you will find bolding used as short subheads to introduce new sections so I’m wondering if rather than random bolding within the article body, using subheads would be a better long term approach.

    In other words

    Article title

    article intro paragraph

    bolded subhead with keyword (just a few words on its own line that sort of introduces the next paragraphs)



    bolded subhead 2


    I hope that’s clear.

    If not, please ask for clarifications and I’ll get them to you.


    • So long as the Bolded words are keyword relevant then sure, you can format it any way that you see fit.

      It is hard to tell what Google is going to do. They are very secretive about their processes and sometimes do things that defy common logic.