1. Mark Freeman says:

    Hey Jeff, I tried to find the You tube video but couldn’t. Is it up there yet?

    • Traffic Voodoo Team says:

      There isn’t much to see sice we haven’t started promoting the farmville blogs or videos yet, they will come into play later in the Traffic Voodoo training (youtube, list building, etc).

      But you’ll find them on the farmville feeder blogs as examples of how to cross link your blogs and use content on the feeder blogs to drive people to your money site.

  2. Josephine Marcellin says:

    What are the urls for the other feeder sites? The site quoted in the video is a basic WP blog with no posts.


    • Traffic Voodoo Team says:

      The farmville case study is going to be used in the later modules. Right now they are just being used to demonstrate a basic 3 blog network.

      Stay tuned… we have some great list building and traffic getting strategies to share with you as part of the farmville case study.

  3. Kenneth Kirchner says:

    The feeder blogs are then targeted to search terms related to the farmville site or are they exact matches to the farmville site?

    • Traffic Voodoo Team says:

      reated to farmville searches, not exact matches to what the farmville site uses.

  4. Asim Ahmed says:


    Should we create a separate youtube account for a niche market we enter? Or do you use one youtube account for ALL markets you are promoting? Cause I would think it would be best if you create a separate youtube account for different niches or markets you are promoting.

  5. Jeff… you should put links under the video to things you reference in the video.
    For example you take about building a YT channel — put the link to that stuff
    under the video so people can check it out.

    There are many other “learning” and “study” things you could do with this course
    that would be extremely helpful to users like myself — I’d be happy to share them
    with you.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll pass it along and see if we can work something like that into the website navigation.

  6. Cynthia Carpenter says:

    How do you know what is most popular on other peoples Blogs? YouTube shows ‘views’ but ranking isn’t always equal to popular

    • Well you can always look at the “like/dislike”. If the majority of people are “liking” the video rather than “disliking” it then that’s a pretty good sign.