1. Mark Freeman says:


    Great video’s thank you very much!!

    Do you always use a review page lead in to your sales letter page?


    • Traffic Voodoo Team says:

      On the webinar last week Ryan and Jeff Ringold said they don’t always use a review page like that.

      They do if they are testing a new market with PPC and they are simply promoting an affiliate offer to test the waters.

      But if they end up creating their own product they will typically send traffic right to their sales page.

  2. Is it ok to use wordpress on the site rather than html?

    • It depends what you want to use the site for.

      WordPress has uses and plain html or php pages have other uses.

      For instance, you cannot (or it is very difficult to) split test pages within wordpress.

      For that reason PHP pages are used for sales and opt in pages.

      WordPress is used more for content delivery.