Submit Your Questions About The Traffic Voodoo Training Program

If you have any questions about “what you get” when you join Β the Traffic Voodoo Training Program

Please submit them here and I’ll be glad to answer them for you.

Jeff Johnson


  1. have you ever taken on an understudy?

    • http://Jeff%20Johnson says

      I’ve hosted $25,000 coaching clubs, and $15,000 mastermind goups where I worked closely with some of the members (not all since that wasn’t the focus of those groups) to create their own 6 and 7 figure businesses… but the focus of Trafic Voodoo is along those same lines… just much, much less expensive and you don’t have the personal one-on-one attention unless you join the Traffic Voodoo mastermind group.

  2. http://Mark says

    Jeff…..dude….you’re my hero.

    I have to say, the information you’ve made available on your site for the average joe out there is nothing short of amazing. I genuinely appreciate your heart & obvious business acumen. I fully realize Traffic Voodoo is going to close the front here pretty quick so, I need to ask if it’s possible to get a “place holder” if I’m unable to round up the investment dollars before it does close. Let me just say life’s a little challanging at the moment. I can and want to participate, just not sure if the funds will arrive in time (have to pull funds out of an investment account). I’d love to come along and play (actually I mean work my ass off with the right strategies).

  3. Hi, Jeff

    A few questions or suggestions based on feedback from my list:

    (1) Instead of 16 week access to the training program, can you offer unlimited time access? Since this is a onetime-fee program, once they pay for it, they can access it anytime, like all other non-monthly programs.

    (2) Can you offer your ATMPro (unlimited usage) as an extra bonus? I think this will be very attractive. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the consideration!

    • http://Jeff%20Johnson says

      I just added a DVD of the content that will be shipped out to them after their first 8 weeks so that should solve that “lifetime” isssue.

      We’ll give them everything they need in the first 8 weeks, ship them a DVD with the downloads on it for free and give them another 8 weeks in the club after that to make sure they have plenty of time to review all of it or download what they need to… plus they’ll have the DVDs for life.

      As for ATM.. they’ll have it for 3 months as part of the UTL membership.

      I also added a ton of new bonus items at

  4. http://gh says


    Could you please tell me your email.


  5. http://haoting says

    Hi Jeff,

    I am ready to buy your program but as I was looking through the Internet for a bonus from an affiliate to compliment your product, I was kind of overwhelmed. Can you please kindly recommend an affiliate whose product compliment yours? After that I am going to hit the purchase button.. Hope I am not too late! I did not have Internet access for the past few days so I can only buy now.



    • http://Jeff%20Johnson says

      I’m sorry but I can’t show favortism for one affilaite over another like that.. that’s like telling one of my children I love them more than the other πŸ™‚

    • http://haoting says

      If you cant show favoritism, can you suggest what kind of bonus to look out for that would be good instead? No need to pinpoint a particular affiliate. Sad to say that there are all sorts of crappy bonuses giving away old ebooks. zz.

      If it’s not convenient to post it online, can you send me an email instead?

    • http://Traffic%20Voodoo%20Team says

      Sorry, I thought I suggested that you look for bonuses that fill the gaps in your current knowledge like building your own custom blogs, or creating products, or list building ,etc.

      I wouldn’t accept one that had “crappy ebooks” if you see others that don’t.

      I’ve seen some great bonus offers… but most of those are on people’s mailing lists and not posted to the web on a site.

  6. http://RICHARD%20KRAWCZYK says

    Hello Jeff

    I am confused , Please help. Will all the videos in module 2 be included in the final DVDS you”ll provide at the end of the course?

    • http://Jeff%20Johnson says

      Yes and no.

      At this time the niche marketing accelerator videos will not be included since they are to be sold next monthn in a product by Ryan and Jeff for somewhere between and estimated 500 and 1000.

      But they are a bonus module in the club (part of our newbie fast track) and Jeff and Ryan are answering questions about them “live” inside the comments area for the first two weeks.

      And the videos will remain in the membership site going forward… but I can’t promise Ryan will let me include them with the download.

      But other videos from two will be… as well as the rest of the program.

  7. http://eric says

    How long will affiliates be able to market this course?

    • http://Traffic%20Voodoo%20Team says

      It’s closing down this week, I’ll announce the exact day and time today or tomrrow.

  8. http://Nalu%20Pattni says

    I am doing Frank Kern’s List Control program now as a newbie (learning fast) and the question that arises is do I need to join traffic vodoo? Or will joining traffic vodoo enhance my learning ?
    Thank you

    • http://Traffic%20Voodoo%20Team says

      List building is very important, but it’s only one aspect of the puzzle.

      Traffic Voodoo is about finding new sources of traffic to help you build your list.

  9. http://Greg says

    > Some of the intro videos you offered up before you started selling
    > your
    > system were about being a JV for a product. I actually tried to do
    > that
    > just as you suggested and had someone let me try to JV their new
    > product.
    > But I just wasn’t ready and prepared to do in such a short time,
    > because it
    > was only 2 days before launch.

  10. http://Roy says

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for all the great video content free! I’m a little confused. I am excited about your program but is it only for people that want to set up their own program and then sell it and you teach how to find affiliates to market for them while building your own list.

    I am looking to be an affiliate for people selling products and not producing my own (at least not at this moment). Will your course help me?Does this program teach people how to be an affiliate marketer for other peoples products?


    • http://Traffic%20Voodoo%20Team says

      Traffic Voodo is about Traffic and Money.

      We teach you how to get traffic from multiple sources, and how to convert that traffic into a list, and that traffic and/or list into money.

      Affiliate marketing is just one of the 14 traffic sources we teach you to tap into as part of your Traffic Voodoo training.