Incoming Links Videos From SEO Brain Trust Posted

We just posted 4 new incoming link videos for you.

Courtesy of our guest instructors Leslie Rohde and Dan Thies of the SEO Brain Trust

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Submitting to article directories is an okay start, but that’s hit and miss — bypass the directories entirely to ensure success
  • Most folks are lucky to get one good link from each article — we’ll show you how to get half a dozen and more
  • There are three kinds of articles you’ll want to have written and we’ll show you what they are and what to do with each
  • Three dead simple ways to create articles that will go viral in any market, no matter how off-beat your business

You’ll find the videos here:


  1. Simply want to know if your system will work to sell my DVD’s.

    • http://Traffic%20Voodoo%20Team says

      You can ask Leslie that on the webinar if you’d like (guest instructors aren’t answering questions in the site) but our answer is… yes, you can use any of the systems to sell DVDs online… we do all the time 🙂

  2. http://Joseph%20Vautour says

    ~I cant access the video