Creating Your First List

As an internet marketer, your list is your most important business asset. A list is a collection of email addresses that you can use to email market to. Through email marketing you can build your brand, establish relationships with your subscribers, and ultimately send massive amounts of Free traffic to wherever you please.

This is how those super affiliates pull in $100,000 + commission checks. They build a list of rabid buyers and send them to recommended affiliate products. This guide will walk you through the first few days of setting up your email list. You can get this done within a few hours if you give it 110%.

  1. Set up an account with Aweber. Aweber is the email service that Jeff recommends. It has great deliver-ability (percentage of your emails that actually make it to the receiver’s inbox) and is simple to use. If you need help on using this service, Aweber has posted great tutorials in their site. Click here for learning tutorials.
  2. Choose what you are going to give away. Jeff has written a great training tutorial on different profit models that you can use with email marketing.
  3. Set up a list and opt in form inside of your Aweber account.
  4. Populate the list with roughly 10 emails to start in the auto responder. A good rule of thumb is to set the delivery for about once every 3 days for the first month, Once every 4 days the second month, then once a week the third+ month. Frank Kern has a great section on writing email copy that sells.
  5. Set up methods for users to subscribe to your list. The two best options that you should use are opt in pages and a blog pop up form. You can find free download able opt in templates here and a free pop up form here.
  6. After you have a basic opt in page up, it is your next goal to get it converting visitors at the highest percentage possible. We use Google’s free website optimizer tool in order to do this. It is one of the most technically complicated things you will have to do as an internet marketer. If you cannot figure out how to set it up or are not tech savvy then we strongly suggest that you hire someone to set it up for you.


  1. BackInShapeBuddy says

    Could you please direct me to where you discuss getting graphics for the free give away? (a book cover)

    • You could use graphics from (paid) or from (free, just make sure they are creative commons license material, do an advanced search and make sure ‘Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content’ is checked).

    • Thanks. What about how to creat a custom book cover with graphics and the name of the info product? Or a dvd cover or disc graphic? I can’t find where you have that information. I’ve been looking under product creation. I want to have a book cover or a dvd cover with the name on it for my email sign up give away. Thanks

    • We use a piece of software called Quick3D Cover. It works awesome, but if you want something a little more professional and pretty you can outsource this type of work on,,, etc.