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Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page.

If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact us.


  1. http://Thomas%20Rutledge says

    Are SACC members allowed to view this? It says I do not have permission to access the page. Thanks!

    • http://Eric says

      Hi Thomas,

      Please tell me which page you were trying to access when you got redirected to this access denied page. Thanks!

    • http://Thomas%20Rutledge says

      Hey Eric,

      I was trying to access New Webinar Posted: Meida Buying Secrets From The 100 Million Dollar Man. Looks like i can listen to it now though. Thank you!

  2. http://Haoting%20Chow says

    I am experiencing access denied while trying to access the latest two webinar recordings!

    • http://Eric says

      Are you experiencing the messages while trying to stream or download the webinar recordings? I just went and tested the access for the streaming, download, and PDF files for the webinar and all three seemed to work for me. For the download recordings, make sure that you right click on them and choose Save As…(it will be Save As Target or Save as Link based on the web browser you are using).

    • http://Haoting%20Chow says

      I am experiencing the messages when i click on the title of the webinars at the whats new page. hope that helps.

    • http://Eric says

      Thank Haoting. I have found and fixed the problem. Thanks for you help in helping us find the error and sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. http://Mick says


    ^^ Hi Folks – just getting Access Denied on trying to access the the seo plugin.


    • http://James says

      Hey Mick,

      You can find the download for Traffic Getting SEO under Training Modules-> Traffic Quick Start ->Traffic Getting SEO plug-in.

  4. http://John%20Hackwood says

    Hi Traffic Voodoo team. I’ve got an Access Denied message on my screen. Have tried refreshing to no avail. Can you let me in please?

    Thanks & Regards
    John H

  5. http://Paul%20Taubman says

    Greetings –

    I was just granted access – I logged in and cannot see anything. I am automatically directed here from the login window. Any of the links I click bring me back here.


  6. http://Tim%20Kwait says

    Hello, I am getting an “Access Denied” message on the Finding Affiliates page. Please help.

    • http://Anthony says

      Hey Tim,

      sorry for the inconvenience.

      There was a permissions problem with the page.

      It’s fixed now.