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  1. Hello.

    My Name is Ray, i am 18 years old and always wanted to start making money on the internet.

    I’ve watched all of Jeff’s free videos with all those awesome tipps, but I am still confused, how to “start” a real online bussines.

    So, basically i need a product and my own webpage? If so, than those tutorials help me a lot.

    But i thought an affiliate promotes other’s people products, so why do I need a webpage or how should I ….uhm. im very, very confused.

    Could you help me out?


    PS: My english isnt that good, so maybe i have problems understanding

    • Whether you plan on selling your own products or selling other peoples product’s as an affiliate, you will need an email list. You will then build trust with your list by giving them high quality content
      and making awesome recommendations. Once they know, like and trust you they will be more likely to pull out their wallets and buy things via your recommendation, including your own products.

      So if you’ve already identified which market you want to enter…

      Step #1 – Start building an email list.
      – Sign up for aweber
      – Create a free giveaway (free video, ebook, audio recording, something like that)
      – Create a squeeze page (a webpage where they give you their email address and you send them the free giveaway)
      – Send traffic to the squeeze page (youtube, forums, article marketing, paid traffic, etc)

      Step #2 – Build trust with your emial list
      – Send high quality, FREE content

      Step #3 – Make money from list
      – Recommend affiliate products that will help them (go to
      – Create your own product that solves a problem of theirs and sell it to them.

      I hope this helps…